Child Support

Both parents are responsible for the financial support of their children.

If you and your former partner are unable to reach an agreement between you about child support, you can make a request to the Department of Human Services (Child Support) for an assessment of support payable, based upon the care arrangements for the children, and the incomes of both you and your former partner.

In some circumstances, it is possible to apply to the Court for orders with regard to child support, however this is not always available and you should contact us for advice about your options.

If you and your former partner are able to reach an agreement about the financial support of your children, we can assist you with the preparation of a Binding Child Support Agreement to ensure that your agreement is binding on you both. A Binding Child Support Agreement is a contract entered into by you and your former partner and requires you to obtain your own, independent legal advice before entering into an Agreement. Ross Hirst and his team are specialists in preparing and advising clients on Binding Child Support Agreements, and are experienced in ensuring that the strict requirements of Child Support (Assessment) Act are met.

To discuss with us your obligations and options regarding child support, contact us today on 07 3229 4221.