A divorce is an order from the Court that ends the connection between a husband and wife. An Application for a Divorce does not involve the division of your assets and liabilities, and does not put in place arrangements for the care of your children or the payment of child support.

For many people, an Application for Divorce is a simple process that they are able to prepare themselves. Before you can do so, you must be able to establish:

  1. That you have been separated for a period of not less than 12 months, and that there are no prospects of you and your spouse resuming your marriage; and
  2. That proper arrangements have been put in place for any children of the marriage.

Information about applying for a divorce is available online here.

Please be aware however, that once your divorce is finalised you have 12 months to apply to the Court for property settlement orders or spousal maintenance, after which you require the leave of the Court to apply (that is not always granted).

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