When you and your partner have separated, tough decisions must be made about where the children live, how much time they spend with the other parent, and how decisions about their lives will be made in the future.

Hirst & Co can provide you with advice about what care arrangements are best for your family, and assist you through the process of finalising arrangements for your family, including:

  1. Preparing settlement documents to reflect the agreement you have reached with your former partner;
  2. Advising you about, or attending mediation with you to help you to reach an agreement with your former partner; and
  3. Assisting you through proceedings in Court if you and your former partner are unable to reach an agreement.

Hirst & Co have extensive experience in assisting clients with both straightforward and complicated parenting circumstances, and can provide you with advice about the factors taken into account by the Court when making a decision about the arrangements for your family.

For assistance with the parenting arrangements for your family, contact us today on 07 3229 4221.